Plentiful Plettenberg Bay

South Africa's garden route boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, as well as an incredible variety of different activities.From adventure activities to animal encounters, there's something here for everyone. Here are some of our top activities around Plettenberg Bay.

Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre

This centre is designed for those who really want to get up close and personal with Africa's Big Cats. Most of the animals are rescued or captive bred, and live in large enclosures in a semi-wild state. If they are brave enough, visitors are allowed to stroke a cheetah and hear it purr like a mini tractor. Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre also allows visitors to see many of Africa's smaller cats such as the rare Black Footed Cat or the Servals.

The Caracals are always very active and are usually interested in seizing guests up. Visitors may also take some of the cheetahs for their daily walk in the forest, which is an unforgettable experience. All money from the centre goes towards rehabilitating Africa's cats.

The Crags Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant sanctuary at the Crags offers a truly unique Elephant encounter where visitors can touch the Elephants and learn about their natural behavior. They also offer a special Elephant walk where the elephant takes your hand in its trunk, and you lead them through the forest.

The Sanctuary offers a full educational talk on the habits and threats facing Elephants. Visitors can also go for a short ride on the Elephants, a privilege that used to be reserved for Kings. This is a fantastic way to see how quietly these huge animals can move through the bush.

Birds of Eden

Birds of Eden is home to the world's largest free flight bird sanctuary, this is a 3.2 hectare dome that encompasses an indigenous forest, ravine and waterfall. The sanctuary is home to over 3500 birds, with over 280 species represented.

They are not all indigenous and visitors will have the chance to see anything from the African Touraco to South American parrots. Visitors can wander freely around the sanctuary and interact with the birds and many small primates.

Ocean Safaris

One of the great attractions of the Garden Route is its whales and dolphins. A great way to view these amazing animals to find your sea legs while on an exclusive cruise with Ocean Safaris. These boats are legally permitted to take guests out to sea to encounter whales, dolphins and seals.

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