Cango Wildlife Ranch

One of Oudtshoorn's most popular tourist attractions and adventure activities, the Cango Wildlife Ranch is a magical world of strange, unique and dazzling wildlife.While exploring the popular town of Oudtshoorn, make sure that you leave enough time to visit the magical world of the Cango Wildlife Ranch. Located 3 kilometres (1.86 miles) outside of Oudtshoorn on the road to the Cango Caves, the Cango Wildlife Ranch is a large zoological park is world renowned as one of the best conservation institutions in the world and is considered one of the major highlights while on tour of the Route 62 or the Garden Route.

Allow Enough Time to Explore

Tourists wanting to take full advantage of all that the ranch offers should plan to allow at least 2 - 2.5 hours at the venue. The Cango Wildlife Ranch is made up of a number of different areas and visitors can take a guided tour in order to take in all there is to experience.

Fun for the little ones

While you are waiting for your tour to begin you can wander through the Snake Park, take a tour of the Lorikeet Aviary and wander through the Wallaby Walkabout. If you have small children with you the Kids Zone is a delightful corner of the ranch where the little ones can cuddle a Bunny or a Guinea Pig and interact with the friendly Potbellied Pigs. The Cameroon Dwarf Goats would also love to be visited and are always keen for a light snack fed to them by the children.

The Main Attraction

The guided tour begins with a tour of the Valley of Ancients. As your head into the ruins of the Great Temple, your guide weaves the mystical tale of the ancient tribe that built the temple to hide away the valley within it. The valley is filled with magical and wonderous animals, birds and reptiles including Nile Crocodiles, Flying Foxes, Red River Hogs, Marabou Storks and Madagascar Ring-tailed Lemurs.

During your tour you will learn more about the animals you encounter, discovering interesting facts including how old Crocodiles can become and why they only eat during the summer. Test your bravery as you cross the suspension bridge across the 'deadly' snapper gorge or take an exhilarating cage dive into Crocodile invested waters.

Further into the tour you will visit Otter Waterfall before witnessing the power and strength of the large Nile Crocodiles as they jump out of the water and attempt to snap their lunch right out of your brave guide's hand.

Exotic Bites

For those arriving hungry there are a number of vendors selling snacks and the Turtle's restaurant offers exotic taste temptations such as Crocodile kebabs and Ostrich Steaks as well as a variety of more 'standard cuisine'.

Home of the Big Cats

The tour then continues into the world of the Big Cats where you will be able to walk across an elevated catwalk view down to a wide array of beautiful felines including White Lions, African Leopards, White Snow Tigers and of course Africa's magnificent Cheetah.

Those wanting a more up-close and personal experience can request a natural encounter with a number of the Ranch's inhabitants including the totally adorable and loveable Cheetah, White Tiger and Lion Cubs. Cheetahland is the oldest Big Cat contact centre in South Africa and the staff are highly trained to ensure the highest level of safety and enjoyment for both the animals and the visitors.

Open all year round

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is open every day of the week, all year round from 08h30 the the last tour departs at 16h30 in winter or 17h00 in high tourism season. Large groups can book their tours in advance.

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